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The Tinsel Rack Reviews

The Tinsel Rack used to be unique for its signature neutral tones. They’ve diversified recently because they’ve probably realised how boring that was.

I am a 159cm and a usual size S/UK 6/US 2.

Blanc Swing Top (Sand)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I cannot find this top on the TTR website anymore. Mine is size S but is still too big for me :/


Worth the money? This top retailed for $29.90. Overall the quality of the stitching is okay (there were a few stray threads I cut off). The zip is also fully concealed.


Worth the Buy? Meh, if you like that millennial Singaporean look. There is something about the cutting of this top that I have really come to dislike. Even when I tuck it in it feels so puffy and honestly makes me feel self-conscious. The armholes are rather large as well. I would have skipped this in hindsight.

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