5 must eat foods in Japan

When it comes to Japanese food, the first thing that pops up in everyone's minds is Sushi. But going beyond sushi, here are some food items not miss during your trip, and chain restaurants that serve them so that you can try them no matter where in Japan you'll be travelling to. However, do remember... Continue Reading →


Germany Day 1- Luton airport & Arrival in Munich

My first exchange trip finally arrived, hooray! For this trip, my friends and I decided to travel to Germany, specifically to Munich and Berlin. It was only a 2 hour or so flight, and we headed out after our classes had ended for the day. https://flic.kr/p/2gicP1h arrived at Munich Luton airport is one you'll be... Continue Reading →

My top 5 favourite Temples/Shrines in Kyoto

It's no secret that Kyoto is the centre of Japanese culture. The city was once the capital of Japan, and it's architecture clearly reflects this. With literally hundreds of Shrines and temples at every other street, it can get difficult to pick and choose which ones to go to (besides the obvious Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu... Continue Reading →

Beauty in Simplicity- Anime Moments

Bending reality, giving life to imagination. Animation is special because anything is possible within the worlds created from scratch. But with superpowers, fantasy and marvelous fictional inventions taking centre stage, contrasting simple scenes hold such immense power in grounding the surreal. In a medium not exactly known for its subtlety, these small, calm scenes stand... Continue Reading →

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