Day 19- first day in Tokyo

Day 19 started way too early with my transportation to the airport picking me up at an ungodly hour (5am). Travelling alone can get really stressful without people reminding you to take your chargers or not over sleep, so I paid a bit extra to get direct transportation so that I didn't have to worry about... Continue Reading →


Day 18- Final day in Kyoto

Man, what a bittersweet day. My journey in Kyoto was coming to an end and this was the day I was going to "graduate" from Ritsumeikan. It was also the day we were going to present our skit in front of all the buddies, other classes and programme coordinators (no pressure). We spent our class... Continue Reading →

Day 17- Toji flea market & Kyoto station

Day 17 started with us receiving our test papers and grades. To my surprise, I did pretty well (a real miracle considering I spent most of my days playing). We then continued our preparations for the skit, which was to be performed the next day. We incorporated our experiences in Japan  (meditation, Gion) into the... Continue Reading →

Day 16- Mount Kurama

We were finally done with our final test! Classes were already enjoyable but became really fun from day 16 as we were preparing for our final skit to be performed on the last day. We had decided to do a parody of the Japanese folk tale kasa jizo, which is about an old man who... Continue Reading →

Day 15 – tests & crepes

Day 15 was uneventful to say the least. The final exam was the next day and I was pretty stressed because I had spent 99% of my time playing and not studying. So unfortunately this was a day I had to sacrifice in order to have any chance of passing. But it wasn't a complete... Continue Reading →

Day 14- Hidden Gems

Day 14 was dedicated to the otaku in me as I was travelling to Omi Jingu, a shrine featured in Chihayafuru, an anime I really like (I need season 3 please). I also wanted to go to the mountain regions nearby, and the train station for the cable car was just one stop away from... Continue Reading →

Day 13- Nara & Osaka

Day 13 was a really special day because it was the first time I was travelling out of Kyoto, to Nara! We had purposely chosen to go to Nara on this day because of a festival that was going to take place (Kasuga Wakamiya Festival) and it was a rare chance to see traditional dances, horse... Continue Reading →

Day 12- Sakura in winter

Hell week in university is finally over (I had several big tests this week) and now I can finally start writing again! Anyway, day 12 was the day I felt I experienced all the seasons at once. It was a really wonderful day that started out with a lot of anxiety. This was the day... Continue Reading →

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