Ranting about Ghibli’s worst heroine- Ocean waves

Ocean Waves is a particularity in Ghibli's filmography. It's an everyday, slice of life story, quite different from Ghibli's other whimsical tales, and was made for television instead of theatres. The story follows Taku, a college boy returning to his hometown and reminiscing about his high school days and his old crush, Rikako. Sound's great,... Continue Reading →


Beauty in Simplicity- Anime Moments

Bending reality, giving life to imagination. Animation is special because anything is possible within the worlds created from scratch. But with superpowers, fantasy and marvelous fictional inventions taking centre stage, contrasting simple scenes hold such immense power in grounding the surreal. In a medium not exactly known for its subtlety, these small, calm scenes stand... Continue Reading →

Motherhood- Maquia vs Wolf Children

Maquia and Wolf Children are both very good movies that use fantasy elements to explore the concept of motherhood and what it means to the mother and her children. While Wolf Children zeros in on the mother-child plotline, Maquia is an epic with the backdrop of war and multiple mother-child relationships being presented. For simplicity's... Continue Reading →

The best good bois of anime

I've always felt that simply striving to be a good person is such an admirable quality for a person to have. This definitely applies to fictional characters too, and there are many great characters that can be summarised as just that- genuine, good people. For this list, I specifically chose characters that made me wish... Continue Reading →

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