Why We Enjoy Morally Reprehensible Characters (in Anime!)

When enjoying a work of fiction, people seem to be more willing to accept morally reprehensible acts and support deplorable characters even though they would not do so for a real-life counterpart. This is evident in works of fiction where often, villains and other malicious characters come across as likable. This indicates that our ethical... Continue Reading →


Kyoto for Otakus

Kyoto is filled to the brim with culture and history. With hundreds of shrines and temples, the city has become a hotspot for tourists interested in heritage and culture. But, don't be fooled- Kyoto is a great place for those searching for a little bit of otaku culture as well! Kyoto International Manga Museum This... Continue Reading →

Motherhood- Maquia vs Wolf Children

Maquia and Wolf Children are both very good movies that use fantasy elements to explore the concept of motherhood and what it means to the mother and her children. While Wolf Children zeros in on the mother-child plotline, Maquia is an epic with the backdrop of war and multiple mother-child relationships being presented. For simplicity's... Continue Reading →

The best good bois of anime

I've always felt that simply striving to be a good person is such an admirable quality for a person to have. This definitely applies to fictional characters too, and there are many great characters that can be summarised as just that- genuine, good people. For this list, I specifically chose characters that made me wish... Continue Reading →

Akihabara- a guide to the capital of geek culture

Although Akihabara had initially become famous for electronics, this shopping district is now more famous for being the capital of anime, manga and gaming. The nearest train station is Akihabara station, and you can really spend several days exploring this massive shopping mecca.  Main Shopping Please note that some of these shops have multiple locations within... Continue Reading →

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